Cortex Professional Digital 4-in-1 Titanium Curling Iron

Produce amazing curls of every size with all the Cortex four Part Clipless Qualified Curling Iron Collection. Of most adding curls models, this can be the most flexible, helping you to use only one product for a variety of designs and also hair expression. 4 Titanium interchangeable barrels ranging from 0.5″-2″; permit amazing flexibility. Playful tight ringlets, sexy spirals and elegant large waves and surf is all on hand ( space ) no requirement for any other styling sets. You don’t need to damage curly hair to have attractive waves with this specialist curling iron collection. Significantly infrared technology markets heat evenly, keeping hurt and also lock with wetness as well as natural oils. Bad ion technologies advances soft, healthy hair. This professional styling curler fixed is designed for hair salon use plus includes a ergonomic desk, non-slip hold with an 11″ warm immune, tangle-free swiveling line. adjustable heat range as many as 450F having digital screen allows for try along with hair styles. Programmable auto shut-off and a warm resistant design glove assist to avoid accidents, to make your design experience safer. Experience the flexibility and quality of the Cortex four Item Clipless Qualified Styling Curler Fixed and you may never want to use some other curling sets.

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