H2D X5 5-in-1 Magicurl Five Piece Curling Wand

5 adding curls magical wands with 1 with ionic and MagicurlTM technology – delightful in order to the evolution in curling magical wands with the H2D X5

Effortlessly produce waves and waves associated with all shapes and styles with 5 interchangeable tourmaline curling barrels. Wrap hair around your own wand of choice, wait a few seconds and then let go to show a perfectly formed wave or curl which is full of life, silky-smooth and stays in shape all day.

The X5 includes five curling wands in one with tourmaline barrels, salon temperatures and ionic generation. Let the H2D X5 effortlessly add beautiful curls and elegant waves while giving your hair soft, smooth and shimmering.

Treat your hair with the pinnacle of technologies and quality

Purely let the H2D X5 produce beautiful waves plus curls just such as celebrities on the red-colored carpet. 5 interchangeable barrels mean that you can choose the perfect size or use a mixture of all 3 to create a stunning level of depth and style. The polished tourmaline coating and extreme 200 degree heat take moments to type as a lot of waves and waves as you like – all whilst leaving your own hair smooth, smooth, full of life and simply stunning. Buy today and join the growing number of top stylists and also home users who have upgraded in order to H2D.

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