Herstyler 3P Curling Iron Set, Dual Voltage (Set of 3)

< img src =" https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41OaN%2Bo2RHL._SL160_.jpg" alt= "" size= "160" elevation =" 141 "course=" alignleft "/ > The Herstyler 3P Curler Curling Iron Set offers 3 suitable clipless barrels that have in fact been extremely meticulously curated to provide the excellent treatments to ALL your hairstyling needs. Consisting of 1/3 to 3/4 inch( 9/ 19 mm) along with 3/4 to 1 inch( 18/ 25 mm) tapered barrels for eye-catching swirls, beachy waves or restricted swirls in addition to an exceptionally useful 1 inch (25 mm) straight barrel for huge, durable along with additional plentiful layouts, these travel-friendly, salon-quality hair crinkling irons permit you generate all type of hairstyle with the advantage of using a singular gadget. Each clipless barrel has a stick-free aluminium covering, which warms up along with cools off promptly, to enable you take ideal layouts from the safety of your house or on the action, without singeing your hair or your atmospheres.


1. GUARD YOUR HAIR with your popular heat safety and security cream.

2. Make use of the heat security handwear cover along with hold the crinkling iron from its proprietor.

3. Adjust temperature degree to a configuration that matches your hair kind. Do not start with the best temperature degree. Increase temperature degree progressively till you obtain the favored results.

4. Style your hair as asked for making use of suitable barrels. Element the pointer downwards along with cover 1-inch locations of your hair around the barrel, winding it much from your face.

5. Do not preserve crinkling iron on a location of hair a lot longer as compared to 10 secs.

6. Repeat as needed.

7. Apply 1– 2 pumps of your recommended hair item.

TREATMENT: DO NOT TOUCH THE HOT METAL RODS as it might singe your hands or your settings.

< a href="https://www.amazon.com/Herstyler-Curling-Iron-Dual-Voltage/dp/B002LE8OVA?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAIGJC2J73JO2QM5EQ&tag=novolink20-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B002LE8OVA" >$ 39.99

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