Yogi Crimson Red Soft Touch Original Curling Wand Hair Irons With Heat Resistant Glove

Instructions for Use:

5 Simple steps to create perfect curls:

one. Take a section of the hair (the lesser the section the tight the curl, the bigger the section the looser the particular curl)

two. Keeping the end associated with the sectioned curly hair, place the wand near to the root (be careful not really to touch the scalp) and cover this section with hair around the magic wand.

3. Keep your hair in this position, properly against the wand for around ten seconds.

four. Gently pull the wand out of the curled area of hair creating positive that you keep hold on to the end of your hair.

five. Release the hair and achieve your perfect Yogi curl.

View the video clip in You Tube for Yogi magic wand in Steps!

Why select Yogi?

No Cold Tips. Our design raises the amount with negative ions produced and therefore enables the curls to last for a longer time of time. (cold ideas can reduce shine and hold)

Barrel Temperature. Our advanced technology, allows our wands to create excellent waves at a relatively low heat even on the most difficult to wave hair. The barrel heats up to one hundred sixty degree C in a few moments. Because of this unique barrel the Yogi wands will lock the actual waves and curls into place but will leave the actual hair with an ultimate sparkle complete.

Conical Barrel. Fatter at the base, smaller at the tip allowing curls to be created quickly and very easily. The hair slides off without any dragging, catching or pulling.

Tourmaline & Porcelain Barrel. Our unique infused barrel locks waves and waves into place leaving hair with an extreme shine finish.

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