.Best hair curlers UKHave you tried to buy a hair curler lately? Just how did you make a decision on the best hair curlers to buy? Maybe you asked a few friends for their opinion on what they think are the best hair curling tongs that they know. Or perhaps you went on the internet and checked a few hair curlers reviews in UK. Whichever way you went about your search for the best hair curlers in UK, well look no further because we have put together a review of the top selling hair curlers and hair curling tongs in the marketplace right now.
When searching for what the best curling wand or best hair curling tongs on the market is today, it was astounding to find that there are so many hair curlers in the UK to wade through. There are tons of different types, brands, exclusive options and operating systems to look at. How exactly does the market make a decision on the best hair curlers in UK? Not surprisingly we analyse the most important characteristics the best hair curling wands and curling tongs should possess. We start from which hair curlers have the most sales? When we look closely and a little further it is easy to see clearly the distinguishing variable in the gross sales of the best hair curlers in UK. Customer’s hair curlers reviews and ratings play the most significant role in determining which brand names sell best. All because a customer tries a particular hair curler and if they think that it is the best hair curling tong or hair curling wand that they have used in a long time, they leave a good review and rating of the hair curler and then other buyers see the reviews and buy the ones with the most positive reviews and ratings.
As said before early on there are lots of hair curling tongs and curling wands in the market these days, and each with their own individual concept. Typically the bestselling hair curlers tend to be top for a reason. These are superior hair curlers that provide customers with the greatest advantages at prices that they think is reasonable and supported with satisfaction they are not able to receive anyplace else.
If you are thinking of buying one of the best hair curling tools on the market, be it a hair curling tong or a curling wand, below is the best hair curlers reviews UK that should help narrow any search down to the best four to buy:

Top Pick: Remington Dual Curl

Product Description

For our first review of the best hair curlers, we take a look at the Remington Dual Curl. This hair curler allows you to create from a single styler, 2 sizes of curls, assisted by the special barrel size selector that is 4x protection coated. It comes with a pouch for storage purposes and is designed to suit worldwide voltage. The temperatures are adjustable. It has low, medium or high temperature settings depending on your preferences. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up, and is equipped with a 60 minutes auto shutdown feature. There is also an indicator to signal when ready.

List of Features

• A customized selector for barrel sizes.
• Spiral guide to help easy curls
• Coated barrel up to 4x protection
• Heat up time = 30 seconds
• Adjustable temperatures for different hair types; Low – 160�C, Medium – 180�C and High – 200�C
• 19 mm and 31 mm barrel sizes for tight and loose curls
• Cool tip
• Light indicator to show when ready
• 60 minutes automatic shut down
• 1.8 m EU / 2.5 m UK swivel cord
• Global voltage
• Storage pouch


If there is one cost effective option among the many types of top curling wands, the Remington dual curl carries the day. The gadget is easy to use, especially when it comes to selection of curl size, even styling your hair like a professional within minutes. It takes up heat faster compared to other good curling wands. Additionally, the package comes with a free CD guide or instruction manual and a storage pouch, which is value added to the buyer. According to the manufacturer, the product is designed to offer protection to your hair; from pulling off and is suited for different types of hair as the styler can adjust to the temperature suitable for your hair type.


The main limitation concerns the durability of the styler, where most users claim that it has a low lifetime. Having said that, it is still regarded as one of the best curling wands UK.

Overall Review

If you are looking for convenience, flexibility and affordability in a hair styler, then the Remington Dual Curl can be a styler worth investing in. Above all, the manufacturer is a well know maker of many beauty appliances and styling products, with a huge experience in the industry.

H2D Black Magicurl Grand Gloss Hair Curling Wand

For our next best hair curlers review we check out the H2D Black Magicurl Grand Gloss Hair Curling Wand.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to choose the best hair curler in the market as there are many brands on offer. However, the H2D Black Magicurl Grand Gloss Hair curling wand has come up with unique features that makes it stand out from the rest. This hair curling wand can help create very beautiful impressions on your hair.

This top curling wand is designed with a tapered barrel to help produce natural looking curls that can be amazing. You will find no split ends or frizz with this hair curler as the ceramic technology produces negative irons which seals the cuticle thereby repelling humidity. This provides a shiny and silky effect on the hair. The barrel is made using a smooth material to ensure hair is not broken while it is being curled. The barrel is also designed using micro porous technology to ensure that it leaves moisture in the hair instead of drying it. This helps to maintain a soft and healthy hair after the curling process. The HD2 has featured in a host of top best hair curlers reviews.

This hair curling wand heats up very fast and evenly hence making hair curling very quick. Curls done using this hair curler last a long time as compared to those done with most other hair curling wands.

The HD2 hair curler has an LED for showing when it is ready for use and is connected to a long cable and a 360 degrees swivel. This is an ideal wand that produces good hair curling results.


The H2D Black Magicurl Grand Gloss Hair Curler has several advantages over the other wands. It has a good visual appearance; it makes your hair feel soft and nice; produces long lasting curls.


It has no variable temperature setting. It is also a bit pricey.

Overall review

The H2D Black Magicurl Grand Gloss Hair Curling Wand provides a great effect on long and thick hair as well as a medium hair. However, for delicate and fine hair, the 220 C at which it operates will be too hot. Therefore the wand should be redesigned to include a variable temperature setting for a better performance.

BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl

The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl is our next call in this best hair curlers reviews and ratings UK:

Product Description

When it comes to hair styling the unbeatable BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl machine has been described as the new device in town that brings super elegant curls in your hair. Owing to its high efficiency and convenience it is possible to have your hair done into curls even when in a hurry. It only takes a few seconds. It has gained quite some popularity with professional salons, but home users are enjoying its goodness as well. As per the manufacturer, it is suitable for hairs of different types and can bring out curls of different lengths. It also comes with an artistic control feature with which you get to select the direction of your hair curls. The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl is another one that has found itself in many best hair curlers reviews UK due to it wonderful performance and popularity.

Product Features

• Comes with a swivel cord, 2.5 m in length
• Curl direction feature with heat recovery mechanism
• Suitable for all hair types
• Auto shut feature and heat ready signal indicator
• Adjustable temperature functionality Low – 190 degrees C, Medium – 210 degrees C and High – 230 degrees C
• Automatic timing for 8, 10, and 12 seconds
• Smooth and shiny curls enabled by the curl chamber made of ceramic
• Works well with different hair lengths


This top hair curler however can be a bit more expensive than the opposition.


One great advantage of the unbeatable BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl is that it is quite easy to use, bringing out perfectly done curls that stay for long without that much of special maintenance. You can actually be adventurous and come up with your own unique styles of curls. It is also considerably durable as compared to most hair curlers in today’s market.

Overall Review

There are many benefits of owning the unbeatable BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl Curler even for domestic use. If you can afford it, then it can be a good product to invest in, owing to its high efficiency, durability and flexible functionality.

Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand

Our fourth and final hair curler on this best hair curlers reviews and ratings UK is the Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand:

Did you know that you can have professional curls at home? Remington CI96W1 Silk Curling Wand is specifically the amazing hair curler that you need to achieve luxurious spiral hair curls. This affordable curler can help save a lot of money and time from regular trips to the hair dresser.

Main Features

· It has ceramic silk with 3D coating that helps you perfect the finishing touches for great looks.
· The conical wand is great for spiral curls.
· The ceramic coated barrel helps heat distribution
· It has a heat resistant mat that protects your surfaces and a mitt that protects the hands.
· The auto shut off comes into effect after 60 minutes, which helps conservation of energy.
· It heats up faster, after approximately 30 seconds.
· The Curling Wand box contains a heat protection glove, information booklet and heat proof pouch.
· It has a 3 year warranty.


· Whatever your hair length, the swivel cord will never disappoint you. It has a length of 3 meters.
· It is available at an affordable price.
· It is easy to use, which makes curling your hair to be a quick and easy task.
· It is durable.
· It creates curly long lasting hair.


· The barrel is small and thin, which can make it a bit tricky to use for some.

Other Customers’ Opinions and Reviews

The Curling Wand has an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars after 76 customer reviews at Amazon. A high percentage of customers have appreciated all the features listed above and they highly recommend it to new customers.
In conclusion, the Curling Wand has a digital screen display which indicates whether it is set at a low, medium or high heat and whether the lock function is on. This is all you need to create loose waves, bouncy curls and fast salon results