Top 3 Best Heated Rollers Reviews

Having the best heated rollers at home enables you to create salon smooth, bouncy, long lasting, glamorous, softer or redefined curls within a few minutes. Here are the top 3 of the best heated rollers that are currently available in the market at affordable price and are able to provide you with exceptional and outstanding results:

1. BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers

This heated roller features 20 fast curl ceramic rollers that deliver a high- heat performance, which is perfect for an ideal and fast curl formation with an excellent and smooth finish. It can offer excellent results for dry or damp hair.
· The rollers are secured in place by 20 metal pins and 10 super clips
· It has two heat settings, low and high. The roller retains heat for approximately 15 minutes. This ensures lasting results
· It has three different sized rollers, the large, medium and small which provides you with the versatility that is effective for creating smart curls with different styles based on your hair type.
· Small rollers are perfect for short to medium hair and creates tight curls, medium rollers are used for medium to long hairs, and create bouncy curls and the large rollers are also effective for medium or long hair and results into loose or wave curls as well as adding volume to the styles.

· The rollers have cool ends and users can wind their hair around the roller with ease and comfort.
· It can create many looks and styles with the large, small and medium rollers.
· The two temperature settings make it is perfect for all hair types. If you have delicate, colored or fine hair, you can use the low heat setting and for the thick or difficult to style hair, you can use the high heat setting.
· The plastic dot on the top turns from red to white to indicate when it is ready for use.
· It is available at an affordable price.

· The 2 compartments of pins are not excellent for sorting out the right size pin when you have a hot roller on your hands.

Customer Reviews
BaByliss Thermo- Ceramic Roller has an average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars after 161 customer reviews on Amazon. A high percentage of customers have appreciated all the above listed features. A customer posted her review by saying that the rollers work well, heats very fast, it is cute and has a compact size compared to the rollers she had previously owned.

2. Remington H9096 Silk Rollers
This is a professional styling tool infused with luxurious silk protein that enables you to create expensive and gorgeous looking hair at home.

· It heats up within 90 seconds.
· The 8 medium and 12 large velvety rollers provide full curl coverage.
· It has a dual heating technology that sets long lasting curls within just 5 minutes.
· The silk, ceramic featured with ionic conditioning provides silky smooth curls and professional results.

· Rollers are easy to use and hair doesn’t slip over due to the velour grip around the rollers and the clip.
· It doesn’t leave a line on the hair.
· It heats up quickly and retains heat for long.
· It has a great design and offers an excellent value of its price.
· It creates perfect curls with a nice and smooth finish that looks like you have just stepped out of the salon.

· They do not come with a pair of heated gloves.

Customer Opinions
Remington H9096 Silk Rollers has 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. A greater percentage of customers have praised the features listed above. A customer posted her review by outlining that this was perfectly what she needed, a product that would curl her hair quickly and effectively. She continues by saying that it adds loads of volume, easy to use and makes her hair look amazing. She recommends Remington H9096 Silk Rollers to customers and advises them to get their self a heat proof glove though as they can get very hot.

3. Babyliss Pro Heated Roller Set-Pack of 30 Pieces
This is a heated roller with improved heat up and great heat performance that is ideal for creating body, movement and redefined curls.

· It has an easy to grip design with cool rims
· The set consist 6 small, 8 medium, 8 large and 8 jumbo rollers, which adds up to 30 heated rollers. These rollers are 30% faster to heat up and 10% hotter ceramic rollers compared to the previous model.
· It has two temperature settings.
· It has a space saving folding arm that is efficient for vertical positioning
· It comes with 30 color coded metal pins and 15 super clips with a storage bag.
· The ceramic technology provides a frizz free smooth finish.
· It is easy to use.
· It delivers long lasting results.
· It offers an excellent value for money
· The on light indicator shows when the roller is on.

· There is an indicator light that shows when the roller is on, but there is no provided to alert the users when the roller has finished heating.

Customer Feedback
Babyliss Pro Heated Roller Set-Pack of 30 Pieces has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars after 40 customer reviews on Amazon. A huge percentage of users have highly recommended this roller to new customers. A customer expressed her satisfaction by posting a feedback that praised this roller. She says that they are amazing and she uses them all the time. They are so easy to use and by far, it is the best heated roller out there she has tried and gave her fabulous results.