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Today we’re going to have a bit of a chat about oily scalp, dry ends. How does it happen? What can we use to help with it? And what are some of my favorite products and tips and tricks to help fix it? Pretty much the deal with having oily scalp and dry ends for one, it actually just kind of goes on how your scalp produces oil.

So these can have a lot of factors. You can talk about genetics. You can actually talk about like elemental factors as well. So things like if it’s super hot outside, even if it’s super cold, your body does things to help regulate your temperature, that actually will affect your hair as well.

It’s annoying.

I hate it. I know I personally used to wash, I have to wash my hair every single day until I got it in like a stable enough routine. And then I would still find like I would wash my hair and the next day it would be super oily and my ends would be like she a bit thirsty. Thanks, I hate it. So over the years I’ve learned these kinds of tips and tricks.

I now actually only wash my hair twice a week, but let’s get into some things that I’ve found.

All right, so say you’ve got oily roots, dry ends. And you’re like, I just don’t really know what products gonna work for me. Well, you want to focus on two main things. A, you want to make sure that you’re actually cleansing your scalp properly and getting rid of the buildup.

And two, you want to make sure that the products that you’re using are supporting what you’re wanting to achieve.

If you do have dry ends, are they dry because they’re bleached enlightened. You might actually have no colour in your hair and maybe your hair is just a little bit dry and it needs a little bit more moisture. It’s actually about finding out what your actual concern is, so that then you can address it with a product to relieve in.

You want to break up your main hair concerns into two categories.

So your shampoo is going to look after your scalp. So that’s where, you know, you’re going to really focus on cleansing. You’re going to look at something that targets. If it’s oiliness, if it’s dandruff, if it’s lightweight, if it’s volume, that’s where you’re going to focus on with your scalp and with your shampoo.

If something says hydrating or nourishing, I’m going to be a little bit wary for someone like myself, where I’ve got finer hair or, you know, blonde textured hair.

Sometimes I can find that it’s gonna weigh my scalp down. It’s going to make my roots a little bit more oily, but it’s not to say I can’t use the hydrating conditioner. And then your conditioner is going to look after your ends. So that’s going to be your secondary hair concern.

To start with a couple of my personal favourites.

The first one I kind of want to talk about is Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash. Now it has disappeared from the office, but here it is. And all its glory and it’s really cute, Khaki. Khahki? Carkey?

– [Woman] Kharki? – Kharkey? Kaki? – [Woman] I don’t know. – Oh no, it was patterned and all over again.

No, I really loved the packaging. Incredible formulas, smells great. It looks great in the shower. It’s a purifying and detoxifying shampoo. So what’s it’s gonna do is help to not just get rid of the sebum and the excess oils and dirts from your scalp.

It’s actually going to help to remove them with your hair. And that again, teamed up with your two to three shampoos is how you’re going to get a really nice cleanse. I kind of have a video without mentioning one of my favourite brands. You know it, I know it, Kerastase, obsessed. Bonds Evelyn is one of my all-time favourites.

This is something that I recommend on the daily. Formulated by dermatologists and cry, trichologist? It’s apparently what I was going to say.

I’m a crychologist. I cry every weekend.

This one is formulated by trichologist. So it’s actually going to help to prevent the excess sebum levels. So this one is quite literally formulated for oily roots and sensitised ends, which is what it says on the packaging. So we love that. And if you also want to target, like that’s your one concern and you only want to use one product and you just want one done.

This is going to be your best friend. As a bogging kind of option. I will also mention the 11 Deep Clean. That’s one of my favourite detoxifying shampoos. And if you’re wanting to know more about affordable haircare brands, you can also click through up here.

So the other kind of important thing that I really like to mention is using a scalp scrub. Now using a scalp scrub is not essential. However, if you ask someone who has super oily roots, like say, you’re washing your hair every day, this is the one tip and trick that I think adding this into your routine, you’ll really shot to elevate.

And that’s where you’ll really notice the difference. And when I added something like the Christophe Robin, this one is the volumizing paste, but the Christophe Robin purifying paste, which will pop up here, elevated my routine.

I went from washing every second day to twice a week, doing that one little thing of using a scrub. You know, every second wash was incredible. So it’s got like little grains in it that when you pop it in your hands, you kind of mix it on your fingertips and you kind of mix it into your hair and kind of get it in there. And you really give yourself a really good head massage. And it means that if you do that on your first wash, what you’re actually doing is getting everything that’s from the scalp.

And you’re really lifting it off the scalp and into the hair. So that then when you do your second shampoo and you do your Maxi Wash, or you do your Avalon, or you do your Deep Clean, that means you’re really cleansing it from the hair and you start fresh, which just feels so good. Now, if we’re talking bougie and we’re talking scalp scrubs, I absolutely cannot go past the Kerastase Chronologiste Pre-Cleanse. Let me tell you about this little friend here. The Chronologiste range in Kerastase is the bougie of the brutish.

You get every single technology that’s in all of their families, chucked in one beautiful packaging. These scents, gorgeous. The main ingredient and this one is actually found in the deep dark depths of the ocean. They go all the way, all the way, all the way down, bring it back up and she is expensive. So I really enjoy the formulation of this one.

I mainly find sometimes with scalp scrubs, they can be like a little bit more harsh.

And this one has a super fine scrub. So it kind of just feels like a grittier shampoo sometimes as well with some different scrubs, you can kind of feel like your has been a little bit stripped. It’s definitely not the way with this one, but she’s not great on the bank account. So we’re just gonna scooch her over there.

You’re like Millie, it’s really great. I’ve got my shampoo now. How the hell do I choose a conditioner? When we talk scalp health, especially oily scalps. When you’re applying your conditioner, you don’t want to go further than like an inch or so to your roots, let your shampoo do its work.

The conditioner does not need to go high out or on your scalp at all. How do we choose the right conditioner? Well, for one, we do have a video on them.

But for two, it’s a really, really, really easy kinda cheat. You want to look for something that tailors to the ends of your hair.

So if you like myself, where you know, you’ve got really fine hair, or you’re blonde, you want a turning conditioner, you can look at something to match for the turning conditioner. I personally really like Nak Blonde Plus, and I also really love the Kerastase Cicaflash. If you’re wanting something that’s just more like restoring, you can look at the Resistance or strengthening from Kerastase. You want something super lightweight. You can look at Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse, just kinda bring blast off.

So dry ends. You just want to look for something more like a lighter weight, nourishing conditioner. Again, Kerastase Lait Vital is beautiful. It’s super, super, super lightweight.

If you’re someone who’s got thicker hair, so say you’ve got like fine hair, but a lot of it.

So you need that little boost of hydration. You can actually use the lightweight mask instead of a conditioner. A really great tip that I have as well is less is more. Start with a five to 10 cent pace, work it in the ends. And then the leftover is what you can use to really kind of get up there and hydrate as you get up the scalp, that first initial product hit.

You really want to focus just on the ends. So especially for like, I’ll find a head friends, you’re going to look for keywords, like lightweight. Doesn’t weigh the hair down. Great for fine hair. If you find that you’ve got, you know, your normal too thick out, obviously you can use something that’s a little bit more of a heavy hitter hydration ones.

And that would just be all about, yeah. Looking, looking for those keywords like hydration and then just when you’re actually applying it, keeping it off the scalp. So I’m like a really, I’m a really big advocate for mixing and matching. You’re allowing giving yourself the best tailored experience for your hair because no two heads are the same anyway, no two people are the same. So you can find that oily scalp, dry ends.

They can use just a hydration shampoo and conditioner, and they have completely fine. I knew that if I did that, my roots would be so oily the next day. I find that mixing and matching any of like, the 11 products is incredible.

So they’re Hydrate My Hair conditioner is really great for anyone with like finer hair to thicker hair. Smooth Me Now, if you find that you’ve got like a little bit of fringe, incredible.

And there are also some really great options from Virtue, which P.S., we may have a video coming soon. So stay tuned for that one. Alrighty.

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