I have four curling irons in front of me. One super budget and then one, I think, is a really good mid-range price. I do think you can justify the mid-range and then to high end, but I’m comparing the four of them. I’ll just share quick tips about each of them.


I will start with the least expensive curling iron of the bunch. This is a recent addition for me and it is the Conair infinity pro. Gold rose gold, curling iron, and this is a 1.25 inch size, so rose gold barrel here it has a clamp.

All of these irons, I’m talking about today, have an clamp. We are not talking about wands ones. Do not have a clamp. I like a clamp, it holds all the hair together. It makes everything faster for me.

So what I like about this iron is, first of all $ 20 $ 19.99 to be exact, so it is cheap. It has a heat temperature dial on here, so you turn it on. So you have a huge variety of heat options here. All the way up to the number 30, which I believe, if I am remembering what the package said, is 400 degrees.

But if I’m wrong on that I’ll just put some text right here and say what the actual highest temperature is. But you have from 0 to whatever that max temp is to choose from and a lot of times, that’s my biggest tip. I give people if your hair is curling up way too much, and you want some of those soft beachy waves just turn the temperature down. You don’t need to buy another iron, just turn the temperature down. So what I’d like about this iron is the temperature dial and that’s that’s maybe about all I will say the cord is really short.

I did curl my hair with this iron today and I found that the curls are falling out a little bit. So what that tells me is, it is a $ 20 curling iron. It is not performing as well as the other curling irons that I’m about to talk about, so there is a difference and I didn’t want there to be. I really wanted this to be a great iron that could just hold its own against these more expensive ones, but $ 20 is gon na get you just a medium quality iron. I think the courts really short.

So it’s hard to work with like if this was something if the curling iron was great and it was gon na start to be something I used on the regular. I would have to use an extension cord because I felt like I kept having to go closer to my outlet and that’s annoying. I also felt like the hair does not glide smoothly through the plates. Here I had to sort of inch it around like that which to me is a time waster and also is giving you the kind of crimped look if you’ve ever experienced that before, whereas these other irons I’ve used from these next three I’m going to talk about. I never have to sort of work this section around.

I can open it and just glide it through without it dragging and then let release the clamp, it’ll hold and then keep doing that, but I wasn’t able to do that. I don’t know if there’s something about the plates here, that just mean it not as smooth if you can only spend 20 bucks on a curling iron. This is a good one. It is a good size for the average hair length it’ll give you tighter curls. If you turn the heat up and softer curls, if you turn the heat down, 1.

5 is just a good size. To start with, one inch is going to give you little ringlets. Anything bigger is just going to give you soft curls, so the 1.25 gives you options. I think so it is good for that.

It’S budget-friendly it’ll get the job done, but it is not a great option that I could say with confidence like you’ll love this iron forever, just because I was kind of disappointed in the performance with it. But you have to set your expectations realistically and I feel like I did so. That is my feedback on this iron, so this is the cheapest of the bunch. Let’S move on to the next one, the next one is the baby list. Nano titanium spring curling iron.

Also in 1,
25 inch this iron retails for 49.95 at Ulta. That’S where I found that price. This is probably my most used iron in history. For a long time.

I use the GHD that I’ll talk about that’s number four, but gosh the last couple years. This has been what I’ve returned to the most it is. It does have a heat dial on here as well. You can also push it in for turbo heat, which I never do um. I usually have it live at between 21 and 28.

Here, I’m not exactly sure what temperature that is off the top of my head and if I want tighter curls I’ll just turn it all the way up or I’ve even turned it down a little bit lower for very, very soft curls. So I feel like you’re able to get a good variety here just like that. Con air I just spoke about before so on/off button is simple here. This cord is a little bit longer than that Canio cord I’ve never felt like who this cord is short. I have to kind of lean over to get the side of my head, because my outlet is on my left side, so good cord length, my hair glides through these plates so easily, which is it just saves so much time and once you’ve used an iron where Your hair glides through it you realize, like.

Oh, it’s, not a battle, it doesn’t have to be so I really love this iron. It does have a cool tip. Just like the connor. I forgot to say that you can hold the ends of these and not burn your fingers, you’re actually able to do that on all of these irons and if that helps you kind of navigate, especially around your opposite side of your head, that you’re holding the iron On that’s a nice perk so most reliable. I think this is the greatest iron you can get for the price.

I mean 50 bucks for an iron that’ll. Last you a really long time gives you lots of options with the variety of heats and is reliable. Like I, just this is a good starting iron. If you like doing your hair and you want to get better at curling, your hair, you could spend $ 20, I’m one that you might have to fight with a little bit more or fifty dollars on one that I don’t know what you’d have to fight with. About this I love this iron.

Next up is the t3 twirl convertible. This is not the 1.25 attachment this is I go. I think this is the two-inch. I couldn’t find my 1.

5 attachment it’s either in my bathroom or it’s up here in my closet, but I wanted to get this video up, so I just left this on here, so it does come with a 1.25 attachment. The the special thing about this iron. It does have a heat dial on here. You just press the button on press, it once to turn it on, and then you double click and you can determine how hot the iron gets by where the light is on these five lights here.

But what’s cool about this iron it does retail for 185, with the 1
25 attachment, but you have the option, come on. You have the option to take it apart and get different attachments, so each attachment that you were to buy individually so doesn’t come with this base is $ 85. So you get one whole iron here for 185 and then let’s say you bought the 1.25, that’s the one that is 185 and you wanted to add a different barrel attachment, whether it’s a wand or the inverted one. There’S there’s so many options you just have to buy the attachment you don’t have to buy the base at all.

I love that idea. I actually thought of that idea years ago was like this is a good idea, and then I saw t3 was doing it and I was like yes, that is genius, because this is the same in all the curling irons, just the different attachments to get different curl Patterns the cord here is long. It does swivel around the base, so it makes it easy to use you’re not going to get tangled up or anything. My hair slides through these plates so easily as well. It does have a cool tip on the end, so you can hold it.

If that helps you, if your hair’s long, you have a lot of layers, great reliable, curling iron, it is expensive, but it delivers serious results. I find that my curls will last longer when I use a t3 iron, no matter what the barrel, then, when I use the Babyliss, so in the dead heat of summer, I’m talking audist 100 % humidity over 100 degrees, I’m gon na go for this iron. If I need my curls to last because there’s something about it, that makes them last longer and you’re paying more for the iron, so they better. So this is a good high-end option for those of you that, like to do a lot of different things with your curls or want the options of just being able to buy the attachments, it’s fun. I’Ve used almost all of them and different tutorials throughout the years and heats up really quickly.

This is a great iron if you need an investment iron that you want to add those different attachments to the last iron of the bunch is the GHD soft curve. This is also a 1.25 inch retails for 199. I actually thought the t3 was more expensive than this so surprised to see this was a little bit a little bit more expensive, so the biggest difference between this iron and the rest of the three that I’ve spoken about is it just has an on/off button here. No heat dial – and I wish it did – this – is a great iron.

It gets hot, it gets the job done. It has a cool tip here, so you can hold that if you want to do that, swivel corn, as well long cord, so you’re, not finding anything. All of the great qualities of a great iron which it should have at $ 1.99, but you can’t adjust the heat and I wish you could there’s a chance. They may have updated that I’ve had this iron forever and I just didn’t catch that so I’ll include links to all these irons in the blog post, of course.

But I use this for a really long time, like I would say a year straight back in 2011 or 2012, when curled hair was like first coming in from being stick straight for so long and I loved the tight curls I could get with this. They never fell out ever I mean no matter what the humidity and part of that is because they, it was such a high heat setting, but it has a different barrel here, a lot of these other barrels or shiny this one isn’t, but your hair still glides Through here really well, it’s got a tight clamp. You need the clamp to be tight for your curling iron to be most effective, so if your clamp is loose and your hair is falling out of it time to upgrade get a different iron, this one is nice and tight, so you can work the barrel around And then, as soon as you let go of it, it is gon na pinch that hair against the barrel to make sure you’re getting a good, consistent, curl, so most expensive of the bunch, a great iron. If you have super resistant hair, if you’re, if you fight curling your hair at all and you’re like I am determined to have curled hair, this is the answer for you. You will have curled hair with this one.

It gets hot, it’s expensive, but it gets the job done, so it just all depends on what you’re looking for. So I hope this was helpful for me to kind of chat through these four irons from $ 20 to 200 and explain what I like about. Each of them what I don’t like about some of them, although I don’t think I said anything negative about the baby list, I can’t remember and, like I said you can find links to all these irons in the blog post, with more more details. All of that stuff over there, it’s kind of easier for me to type it out. So let me know if you have a favorite or if you use one of these four or I would really love to hear from those of you use the Conair that twenty dollar one if you’ve, had a good experience with it cuz.

It could just be my hair type. Everyone’s hair type is different, just didn’t work great for me, and I had to fight it a little bit. But I’d love to hear from those of you who had a good experience with it or if you have another, like twenty thirty dollar curling iron, that you would recommend, because I get a lot of requests for that. So I’m obviously looking for one. That would be an option for people that are in looking for something that’s a little bit lower budget.

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