Nume curling iron is the latest addition to the ever-growing number of high quality and advanced hair curling tools that have flooded the market. The patented NuMe curling irons are designed to give you healthy and long-lasting curls without any of the damages often caused by heated tools. It does an amazing job on your unruly curls without burning, stinging, or tearing your hair. It produces up to twenty separate curls with each curl being lifted from the root of your hair, making it easy to manage and style. Its unique twenty separate curls can be curly, wavy, or straight, making this the perfect curling tool for every type of hair.

A great feature of the NuMe curling iron is its ceramic technology, which uses tourmaline ceramic technology that has been proven to produce safe, reliable, and long lasting results. Ceramic curling irons are well known for producing the smoothest and silkiest results possible. Using a high temperature tourmaline ceramic material, the NuMe curling irons offer superior curl control and durability. Because it contains no toxic chemicals, it is safe to use even for people with sensitive skin. Twenty different styling options and a wide range of accessory pieces to make it the most complete curling tool for your hair type.

The NuMe curling iron has a unique twenty styling head ranging from smooth to extremely curly. You can simply use the flat part to add volume and create waves for those more extreme looking curls. Use the flat to add texture and body and sweep the rest of the head upwards to create a very defined look with more volume and body. If you have naturally curly hair, the high temperature tourmaline ceramic material helps to define and smoothen it without weighing it down. If you have straight hair, the NuMe curling iron can be used to create a softer look with a shinny, natural curl.

Aside from the exceptional design, the NuMe hair curler also features innovative ceramic technology that minimizes heat dissipation. This feature helps to protect your hair and prevent damages that could occur in any other curling iron. The high quality ceramic material is lightweight so it is easy to store even in a small bag. You can even bring it along on your travels, if it is foldable and lightweight enough to take anywhere.

One unique feature of this curling tool is the fact that it allows users to choose between flat, semi-flat, and super flat curls. These options allow you to easily customize your curl, resulting in the perfect look for any occasion. NuMe curling irons have a unique dial that allows you to adjust temperature settings from creamy to crazy. There is also no need for you to wait for results because each setting is perfectly adjustable.

NuMe is known for using only the best materials in their products. Most of their curling iron brand are being enhanced with far-infrared heat and negative ion conditioning technology to help their users get the best results.