If you’re looking for a professional flat iron, you’ve probably heard of Rusk flat irons. These tools are made to provide silky smooth, frizz-free hair. With titanium ceramic plates, these hair styling tools provide instant heat and create a sleek, glossy look. The Sol-Gel coating and CTC technology also ensure an even heat transfer for healthy, shiny locks. You can use a Rusk straightening iron to create the same results.

RUSK W8less Ceramic and Tourmaline Str8 Straightening Iron, 1 inch, Sol-Gel Technology Glides Through Hair, Produces Silky, Smooth, Frizz-Free Results, For All Hair Types

RUSK’s W8less flat iron is made to help you style both straight and curly hair. It has a long, smooth, and glossy finish. The RUSK W8less also heats up quickly, taking less than one minute to reach its maximum 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. A temperature memory feature allows you to store a specific temperature for each hair type, which is useful if you use different tools or are constantly changing your styling routine.

The Rusk flat iron has curved plates for easy gliding through hair. It heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which seals in keratin treatments. It features multiple temperature settings and a temperature display. You can use the lowest setting to achieve the smoothest results. The Rusk flat irons are made with a wide range of settings. If you have sensitive hair, you may want to start off on a low setting.

If you’re looking for a professional quality flat iron, the RUSK Engineering Heat Freak is a good choice. This high-end flat iron produces smooth, silky hair. If you want to use it at home, you can choose between five different temperature settings for your hair. If your hair is thin, you can use one pass. For thick hair, you can do it in two or three passes. The RUSK Engineering Heat Freak can be used for hair treatments like thermal shiny straightening.

RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Straight Iron, 1 inch, Creates Shiny, Silky, Frizz-Free Hair, Heats Up To 450°F/232°C

The RUSK Engineering Heat Freak is my favorite of all. My hair stylist uses this flat iron every day, and it’s the best option for long and thick hair. It’s not the cheapest model in the market, but it does offer a professional-grade result.

The Rusk flat irons are highly recommended if you want to get a professional-looking, shiny hair. They’re designed to work perfectly on different hair types. The plates are slightly curved to glide smoothly through the hair. The Rusk flat irons have five temperature settings, which allows you to adjust the temperature as needed. The lowest temperature setting is best for most types
of hair. They come with a digital display that shows you the temperature of the iron.