The Beautimeter 1000W Hot Air Brush Styler is a powerful styling tool that helps you achieve voluminous curls, soft waves, and straight hair. Its three heat settings allow for different styling needs, and its oval barrel provides superior heat transfer and air flow to the roots. Unique airflow vents add lift to your hair, and the ceramic coating protects your hair from breakage and frizz. Its ergonomic design provides you with the ultimate in styling ease.

The Beautimeter’s Built-In Ion Generator releases 50% more negative ions to regulate skin moisture balance and remove excess water from hair follicles. The ceramic coating on the brush head helps to maintain the moisture balance of your hair and scalp, while promoting even heat distribution. The auto-revolving feature eliminates winding hair around the brush, and the three heat settings help to create a voluminous finish without damaging your hair.

The Oval-shaped barrel on the Beautimeter Hair Dryer Brush is perfect for short, thick, and curly hair. The oval shape allows your hair to glide smoothly against the device, helping it dry faster. The Beautimeter Hair Dryer Brush is a powerful tool that also includes negative ion technology to reduce frizz and improve the shine of your hair. It is one of the best tools on the market for dry, thick, and curly hair.

The ionic technology used in this hair dryer brush reduces puffiness and frizz while styling your hair. The brush is equipped with three heat settings and a cool button to prevent static. The brush also has a 2 inch handle and a 360-swivel power cord. The brush is easy to clean and features a curl release mechanism for less tangling. Its compact design makes it the perfect travel companion.

This Hair Styler is equipped with two interchangeable brushes. The barrel that comes with 1.5 inches diameter is perfect for short bob length styles. The barrel that is equipped with 2 inches diameter does well with shoulder length hair and longer.

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