The best Keratin Treatment out there. Experience the Lasio Keratin Treatment. This Keratin treatments are a safe, simple, effective spray-on liquid-base formulas that function by infusing keratin into the skin; literally replacing the damaged protein chains and repairing with proven keratin protein complex. Lasio Keratin treatments are also water-based, day-to-night moisture-rich spray-on treatments that work by quickly infusing and instantly coating hair follicles with customized keratin protein complex; strengthening and restoring the damaged hair strand with keratin protein.

Lasio Keratin Treatment One Day Formula 35.27 Fl. Oz.Infused with Amber Extract, Lightweight Conditioner, Frizz Free, Reduce 90% curls, Fume Free

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This patented Lasio Keratin treatments are low-foam, water-based, no-fuss formulas that offer professional results in a non-invasive, convenient manner. Ideal for everyday use, this easy-to-use, water-based, quick-dry, wrinkle-free, hair tonics, conditioners, gels, serums, and leave-in treatments are formulated from unique blends of plant-based oils and extracts. These safe, gentle, and effective products nourish and rejuvenate, revitalize and condition, and are formulated to avoid damaging the skin. In addition to replenishing damaged hair, these products nourish and protect the follicle, while providing superior coverage that won’t cause breakage or clogging.

One of the best features of this line is The innovative Keratin Complex Care products. These innovative hair care products are formulated with a unique blend of natural plant oils and extracts that offer comprehensive moisture support, intense protection, and intense shine, leaving hair shinier, smoother and softer than ever. If you are looking for a flat iron repair solution that can handle any frizzy, curly or kinky hair, but cannot use a traditional metal flat iron, then give this Keratin Treatment a try! This innovative Keratin Treatment is an ideal blend of technology, safety and versatility.

Lasio Keratin Treatment Mocha Silk 35.27 Fl. Oz. | Achieve hydrated frizz-free hair | Infused with Cacao Oil | Tames coarse curly hair | Reduce 90% of curls for 2b – 4c hair| Fume Free

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If you are looking for a great way to refresh and revitalize your hair quickly, safely, effectively and easily, then you should consider the lasio keratin treatments. With their no-fuss, water based formula, this quick drying, hair toners, conditioners, gels and leave in treatments, you will have no problem refilling them with the exact amount of keratin that you need for any type of style. Also, because these products are formulated from plant based oils and extracts, they are gentle to your hair and can nourish your hair at the root level, restoring damaged hair and eliminating frizzy, kinky, or dull hair quickly and efficiently.

The secret to this quick drying, moisture enhancing and curl reduction hair straighteners is the proprietary blend of Keratin Complex, Nylon Foam, Shea Butter and Cacao Butter. These all natural ingredients work together to give you healthy, shiny, controllable hair that is not only beautiful, but it is also healthy. The secret to how we do this hair is by infusing plant based oils into this hair to replenish the moisture lost during styling. Then, we use Keratin Complex, a proprietary blend of keratin proteins to help strengthen the strands and give them a smooth finish, while providing essential UV protection.

Lasio Keratin Treatment Keratin Tropic 15.87 Fl. Oz. | Formaldehyde Free Formula | Green Salon Friendly | Infused with Coconut Oil | Eliminates 100% Frizz | Reduce 60% of curls

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This unique straightening system allows you to add moisture, shine and control to any type of frizzy, dry hair with ease. This straightening, quick drying, moisture enhancing and curl reducing flat irons dry hair with ease, giving you soft and frizz-free hair, anytime. Plus, there is a separate innovative, easy to use hair serum that seals in moisture, conditions and smooths your frizzy, dry hair. This secret weapon is This innovative keratin treatments. Stop falling off your beautiful hair.

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