ROSILY Professional Wide Flat Iron, 1.75 Inch Large Titanium Hair Straightener, Super Smooth Glide No Hair Pinches, Adjustable Temperature Suitable for All Hair Type, Instant Heat Up, Dual Voltage.

Save precious time in the mornings by picking up a good Rosily Stylish Hair Straightener! The specially designed Rosily straighteners are created with the utmost comfort in mind, using specially designed non-marring ceramic plates which conduct ultra-hot metal rays and also resist corrosion. The specially designed Metal Ceramic Flat Iron (M CH) can easily straighten your hair without causing any damage. It has an innovative heat setting which gives your hair super-hot rays, which protect and enhance your hair. Also, it is designed to give you quick styling, and offers effective results.

This ROSILY Professional Wide Flat Iron Hair Straightener has an intuitive temperature control, and offers various hairstyling options. The ceramic plates heat up and straighten your hair smoothly and effectively. The unique and technologically advanced heat circulating system enables quick styling and also seals in moisture and style. The ceramic plates can hold up to 450 degrees F of heat, so they can safely straighten and style any frizzy or curly hair. This straightener has dual 360 degree swivel cord, so no nicks or breaks are ever noticed.

The straightener has multiple features and is extremely convenient to use. For example, it is water proof and can be easily taken apart for simple storage and travel. Moreover, it has a unique temperature control feature which enables different hairstyles to be applied on the same hair without the risk of damaging the hair. The straightener is light weight and easily portable. It comes with a cord, so it is perfectly safe to use even when traveling.

If you have a very curly and frizzy hair, you will love this straightener. There are many styles available for your hair. You can choose between dry, wet, or a blend of wet and dry for the perfect style. Moreover, you can set the temperature for your hair to get the style you want. You can adjust from a low setting to a high setting in just a few seconds. The ceramic material is non-irritating and it does not cause any damage to the hair.

These hair straighteners are highly recommended for those who are looking for a good quality device that offers styling options at an affordable price. They are available at Amazon for those who want to read more about them. ROSILY Professional Wide Flat Iron Hair Straightener is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to save time and money while having a gorgeous and silky hair. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions on the box and you will have your perfectly straight hair in no time. You can also read hair care tips to make sure that you will have a healthy and shiny hair.

Main features of the ROSILY Professional Wide Flat Iron Titanium Hair Straightener

The ROSILY Professional Wide Flat Iron Hair Straightener heats up fast. The new advanced Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) ensures a rise to 450°F in 30 seconds and provides continuous and stable temps throughout styling. This makes it More Efficient than PTC and Tourmaline straighteners.

It comes with Extra-Wide 1.75’’ Extra-Long 4.75’’ Plate for Short and Long Hair. The extra-large plates straighten long hair faster than any other normal flat irons.

Adjustable Temperature for All Hair Types – With the temperature dial design, select the perfect temp for your hair from 5 difference temp settings, such as 300°F, 315°F etc.

Some Premium Specifications include Dual voltage 110V -220V with the use of an international wall adapter (not included) for worldwide travel.

The ROSILY Professional Wide Flat Iron Hair Straightener will Auto Shut Off after 60 Mins for Safety and Energy Saving. It also comes with Salon Quality and 360° Swivel Power Cord for Easy Use.

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