There are a lot of different curling, irons and wands on the market today, and it can make it very difficult to try and decide which one to buy. Today, I’m going to show you the difference between this curling iron and this curling iron, two different sizes on the same head and why it matters. I’m actually going to do this side with the one inch and this side with the one and a quarter, so you can see exactly the difference that it makes on your head when you curl it hey everyone. My name is Becca and you’re, watching our channel Royce and Becca, where we talk about marriage and family life, if you’re new here welcome if you’re coming back. Thank you. We really appreciate seeing you every week a question. I was often asked when I was a hair.

Stylist was what size curling iron to get here are three things to think about when you’re shopping for a curling iron number one, the heat level, how hot it gets. You do not want to go above 450 degrees of heat, because that can do a lot of damage to your hair number. Two, the material that the curling iron is made of the different materials help determine how the heat is distributed through the barrel and how well it maintains heat as you’re curling, your hair, the most common is a ceramic, and that is usually better for hairs that are Like thin to medium texture, another type is gold-plated, curling iron and that is better for a medium to thick type of hair and then titanium isn’t the last popular one that I want to talk about. That’s often used in most professional settings. It’s also the most durable and it’s gon na address people with thicker hair and the third is the diameter, the size of the curling iron and what kind of curl it’s going to give you and that’s what we’re here today to talk about today.

I am comparing the difference between a very popular size, which is a 1 inch curling iron to the next, maybe most popular size, which is a 1 in a quarter inch curling iron, I’m actually gon na, do this side with the 1 inch and this side with The 1 and 1/4, so you can see exactly the difference that it makes on your head when you curl it I’ll be using the same technique on both sides. So you can see exactly what it does. I use the hot tools: gold-plated extra-long barrel, curling iron. It’s extra long barrel because it has this extra little portion, usually a curling iron would stop right there, its own, so I’m not going to touch it. I’ve been using hot tools for a very long time.

I like it, and I think the main reason why I decided to buy these curling irons is because of the extra long barrel you can fit more hair in and as your hair gets longer, you’re, not struggling and fumbling with the hair as it gets caught in The curling iron, the more hair, the less fumbling, the quicker you can get your style done and the quicker you can move on to other things like playing with your kids or heading off to work. Before we get started. We need to make sure that our hair is prepped with a heat protectant and a hold product before you dry, your hair, once your hair’s wet put those two products in and then you can do a quick blast dry, two products that I like to use for That is 21 benefits by pure ology. This has 21 benefits, and this is also a heat. Protectant has heat protectant in there up to 450 degrees of heat.

Let’s protect that hair. If you want long, beautiful, split, endless hair, protect it from the heat, especially if you’re going to use heat tools, and then I also use Kerastase material East, which is a flexible hold spray gel sprayed in my hand, run it all the way through brushed it through Make sure that the product is evenly distributed and then i blast dry as fast as possible. This is actually I washed it last night and slept on it, and here we are today that’s what that’s where I’m starting from just in case you’re wondering because I know there are some people that will wonder, though, so I’m going to start with the one inch On my left side and then I’ll do the one and a quarter on my right side, I’m just going to cook. This way this is my one inch extended barrel, Hot Tools, curling iron – and I have it set mmm, it’s almost as hot as it goes at about 430 degrees of heat. A couple of the skills I’m going to use on both sides of my hair are I’m going to preheat, the Strand before I put it in the curling iron, I am going to curl everything away from my face and I’m going to start halfway down the hair.

Shaft, so if I’m going to have this much hair, I’m going to insert the curling iron right here and then start twisting away from my face right away from my face. This would be towards your face. This is going to be away from the face. That’s what I mean by curling away from your face. So let’s get started so I am, you might see me pulling it at the end and what that’s going to do is create a little bit of that more straight and did look popular and like like beachy waves.

This is what I mean by preheating. This is preheating the Strand and then twisting halfway down. So my first twist is halfway down the shaft and then I’m going to feed it. So I pulls the little arm to get the rest of it through and then I leave some of the ends out. So you don’t have to watch the whole thing.

I’m going to do this real, quick and I’ll meet you on the other side, all right! So I finished my one-inch side and now I’m going to move on to the one and a quarter inch side, I’m just gon na wait to brush it out until very end. So then you’ll see exactly what it looks like. What the difference is.

I’m going to use the same technique on this side that I did on this side. You’re gon na preheat, the Strand. We were gon na curl away from the face and we were gon na start halfway down the hair shaft there’s no one in a quarter extended barrel; okay, so we’re gon na preheat curling away from the face same exact technique, just a different sized curling iron. The first twist is halfway down the hair shaft and then we’re gon na pulsed and feed through the rest and leave the ends out. I’M gon na do this and I will meet you at the end.

That’s good! Okay, just finished my one and a quarter inside my one inch side is cool and what I’m going to do before I brush through it is I’m gon na hit it with a flexible, hold hairspray. This is pure ology soft, finish hairspray. It actually gives a really nice shine and I like being able to brush through my curling iron curls when I’m finished with this hairspray hairspray is so intense. One of the reasons why you want to wait until it’s cool is because you need to set the curl.

So when it’s still warm, the curl is still setting in your hair. If you brush it out when it’s still warm you’re gon na straighten out that work that you just did and your hair is gon na relax. If that’s the look you’re going for it great. If you’re trying to get your curls to stay longer than just like a couple hours, then you want to wait till it’s completely. Cool and mine are cool so again, one inside one and a quarter inside.

Let’s see the difference, if you’re at all, on Pinterest or anywhere on social media, a lot of girls like to wear their hair, like this personally, I like to wear my hair like this. It’s kind of a really nice tousled beachy, looking relaxed vibe, so that was the one inch. Let’s see the one and a quarter, so you can kind of see that this, the one and a quarter inch. The waves are a lot more spread out because of the wider diameter of the curling iron. So it’s got more of a bigger, more relaxed, wave, more relaxed, curl, it’s a little more polished, I would say then the 1 inch, so one inch with longer hair is going to make it feel a little more messy.

It’s gon na make it feel a little more detection. So you can see that because I have layers in my hair and because I have a shorter fringe area you’re getting that curl a lot quicker. So do you see the difference you have this? It’s longer, there’s maybe like three little sections where this one could easily be like one, two, three, four sections. So a couple of the differences that you’ll notice when using a one-inch, curling iron, it’s gon na, be a little bit more tousled.

It’s gon na be a little bit more messy. The curl is gon na, be tighter. That’s also going to give you more longevity. Over a couple days, so if you want to style your hair once and then let it last a couple days, a one-inch curling iron would definitely be my recommendation for you, because you’ll curl at the birthday it’ll be tighter and then you wake up the second day. Maybe throw some powder in it, throw some dry shampoo in it, and it’s gon na be a little bit more relaxed, maybe like the one and a quarter on the first day and then day three.

This is where you’re stretching it a little bit, maybe throw some dry shampoo in there and it’s probably gon na, be even more relaxed than this, maybe more just like a wave. So I would say for longevity: the one-inch barrel is gon na, be the one that you want. If you’re wanting it a little bit more relaxed starting day, one, the one and a quarter is great. If you’re trying to get it to last a couple days, the one and a quarter is going to be even more relaxed than this. It’ll, probably only have maybe one little section, and especially if your hair is short, you’ll, probably just have a little bit of a wave and then by the third day, it’ll probably be gone completely, unless you just retouch it with the one and a quarter depending on What you have time for and depending on what you want to do me personally, I just want to do my hair once and then let it last for a couple days, maybe used some clips, maybe use some scrunchies to get me through day three and day.

Four. Yes, I’m washing my hair as far as time goes for someone with my length hair, which I would say is medium to long. The one inch curling iron is gon na take longer than the one and a quarter one and a quarter. You can grab a little bit bigger of sections because it’s a bigger diameter, where the one inch you’re gon na have to take a little bit smaller of a section. So it’s gon na take you longer to get all around the head.

So that’s the difference between a 1 inch, curling iron and a 1 and a quarter inch curling iron. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite. Do you like the more relaxed look or do you like the more beachy messy look? So I hope you guys feel empowered and confident to try these Styles yourself. Let me know which one you try on your hair.

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