If you have always wanted to achieve beach waves, you can easily use a flat iron that is made of titanium. The titanium plates have a wide range of applications – from thick, coarse hair to frizzy and curly hair. This flat iron is also lightweight and comes with temperature control. Its plates heat up in a few seconds after you switch it on. The titanium flat iron can give your hair loose, beachy waves.

You should hold the flat iron at an angle of 45 degrees, allowing the plates to curl away from your face and smooth out toward your ends. Most people, however, make the mistake of curling their wrists backwards. This is not only unnatural, it can also ruin the strands. It may also lead to split ends. To prevent this, follow these tips:

A good flat iron for waves should have adjustable temperature settings so that you can use it on various types of hair, whether thick or thin. This way, you can use it for different purposes, including for a beach waves. Some of the top flat irons also have auto off features to prevent accidental overcharging. People often forget to unplug their irons before they leave the house. If you do not want to risk the safety of your hair, you can always buy a flat iron that features a 60-minute auto-off timer.

Another option is to get a ceramic device. Ceramic devices are light and tend to heat up more slowly than titanium. But titanium devices with a ceramic cover can also be a good option. As with any flat iron, the higher the temperature, the longer the waves will last. Depending on how much moisture your hair holds, beachy waves can last for many hours. If you have an average hair day, this is an ideal option.

Another option is to use the flat iron on sections of hair, not the entire head. Fine, straight hair is easier to handle than curly hair, so smaller sections are the best option for achieving beach waves. As your hair becomes curly, you may want to go a little more pronounced with the waves. If you are looking for a more natural look, try using a flat iron on small sections. You can also use a spray that is made for curly hair.

If you want a beachy look, you should opt for a ceramic flat iron. These flat irons come in three sizes, and have a long cord. They can be used for straightening hair, curling hair, or beach waves. The ceramic plates contain negative ions that reduce frizz and make hair stronger. So, you can use this flat iron anytime you want to try out a new style. If you’re looking for a great flat iron, be sure to check out the reviews of these two models.

One of the best flat irons for making waves is the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima Ionic. This product is made of titanium and comes with aircraft-grade nano-titanium floating plates. Its titanium construction and excellent heat conductivity make it a great choice. The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron is another option. It has one inch wide plates and a salon-length cord for easy one-handed use. The price of this product is high, so it’s not for everyone.

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